Site reports



SURFsara site report – Ron Trompert

Change Management : Seafile in University of Strasbourg – Simon Piquard

Cybera Site Report – Joe Topjian

DESY site report – Peter van der Reest

Keeping university researchers from using Dropbox – Moritz Schlarb and Thomas Scheffczyk

Storage Operations at CERN: CERNBox – Luca Mascetti

HU Box – cloud storage deployment and operation at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin – Enno Gröper and Karsten Asshauer

B2DROP: The EUDAT Personal Cloud Storage – Benedikt von St. Vieth

Mobile working use case enabled by Sync & Share – Tilo Steiger

Experience with running Owncloud on virtualized infrastructure – Simon Leinen

A Staging Storage Sharing System for Data Handling in a Multisite Scientific Organization – Francesco Iannone